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Our Approach

Our Vision

We love nature, our beautiful Earth and our lovely home Mallorca. Our dream is it to be part of a cleaner solution for the Island.

We want to help Mallorca get green and provide a superb solar energy service to everyone here. We are so lucky to live in Mallorca, which has a mean average of 7 hours of sunshine every day. Giving us the perfect solar power solution, less panels, equals less money, more clean energy!

Eco-migo has teamed up with AS Solar to provide Mallorca with the best solar energy products available at a great price! Most products with a ten-year warranty.

Eco-migo is also working wth ev-power to supply lithium-ion battery power to houses and yachts. Warranty for 5 years but, they do last for up to 8000 charging cycles. (21 years!)

Eco-migo aftersales service is second to none, let us look after you, with regular battery testing to insure the best power solutions for you. Our lithium-ion batteries are in sets of 3.2v, induvial cells can be removed, and replaced, if not working properly, so saving the need to change the whole battery bank. Less recycling for the planet, and less cost for you!

Eco-migo is also a Zero emissions electric vehicle delivery company on the Island of Mallorca. We are providing yachts and Islanders with an environmentally friendly courier service. Using solar panels to charge our fleet we are completely CARBON FREE. We care and want to part of a cleaner solution for Mallorca. In an industry that has a high carbon output, Eco-migo is looking to reduce the impact as much as we can.

We will delivery your solar requirements, with our electric van, zero emissions!

We are working with everyone from international corporations, the sailing industry and the individual we are here to help.

Our Story

Our Story - from sea to land

We both used to work in the Yachting industry for the past 15 years. When our son Jules was born we were lucky enough to keep living on board with him for another 3 years. With our second child our beautiful daughter Lyla we knew it was time to make a lifestyle change and we returned to Mallorca. Seeing our kids bouncing around this beautiful island, it came very natural to us, that we wanted to do something to protect the island where we live on and its beauty. Knowing the delivery needs from Yachting as well as from the rest of the island, the idea of Eco-Migo, Mallorcas first carbon free courier was born. And here we are now, happy to deliver your goods.

Meet the Team

Hi we are Jeff, Carol and our wonderful kids Jules and Lyla, who inspire us everyday and are one big reason we want to help keeping this planet safe and clean.

Founder Eco Migo

Jeff Doolan

Founder & CEO

Hi I am Jeff, I founded this company to offer a sustainable solution for the delivery needs of Mallorca island.

Boss Lady Mallorca 1

Carol Doolan

Managing Director

Hi I am Carol, I love living in Mallorca and see our Kids grow up here. Thats why I am super happy that our business is a greener solution for this Island

Green Mallorca inspiration kids

Jules & Lyla

Our inspiration

Hi we are Jules and Lyla, our parents daily dose of happiness and inspiration.

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